Are Oil Caps Universal?

If you have had the misfortune of losing your oil cap, you may be wondering are oil caps universal. This is something that many people wonder as it is not uncommon to accidentally lose the oil cap for your vehicle.

oil cap

This can be a serious issue as the oil cap is important and serves an important purpose for your car. You do not want to be driving around without an oil cap, as this can be dangerous and hazardous to your vehicle.

Like every other part of your vehicle, the oil cap is there for a specific purpose and needs to be replaced if you lose it. Keep reading to find out whether or not oil caps are universal and what to do if you lose your oil cap.

Oil Caps Are Not Universal

If you have lost your vehicle’s oil cap, you may be wondering are oil caps universal. This is a common question, but unfortunately, oil cabs are not universal and you usually cannot replace one with another one, if you lose the original.

Oil cabs are typically made per vehicle and can only be used for that vehicle, otherwise, they just won’t work. This can be a real issue if you lose your oil cap and have nothing to replace it with.

The oil cap is what protects the oil reservoir and seals it off from the outside to reduce contamination and fire hazards. So this is very important for your vehicle, and you will need to find a solution if you have lost the oil cap.

The good news is that some vehicles have oil cops that are more common than others. So you may be able to use an oil cap from a different vehicle if the oil reservoir is similar enough and it can just fit.

Though this is not ideal, and it can be difficult to find an oil cap that is going to be the right fit for your vehicle.

What Can I Use As a Temporary Oil Cap?

Because oil cabs are not universal, you will need to figure out a temporary solution to fix this issue. As you cannot go around driving without an oil cap while you are waiting for a new oil cap to come.

The good news is that there are some solutions that you can use as temporary measures to close off the oil reservoir. Allowing you to continue driving while you wait for your replacement oil cap to arrive.

Though it is important that these alternatives only be used short term until you are able to get a replacement as they are still not as good as an oil cap.


Many people recommend using a towel to plug up the oil reservoir so that it is not exposed when you drive. This needs to be done very carefully as you do not want oil making contact with the actual towel, as this can be a fire hazard.

Some people choose to wrap the towel in tape to create a plug or simply stuff it into the oil reservoir and cover the opening with tape. This is only a short-term solution and should not be left for very long.


One very simple way to make up for losing your oil cap is to simply tape off the reservoir opening. This is possibly the safest alternative that seals off the opening without exposing anything to the actual oil.

Thick duct tape is the best option and can be layered over the oil reservoir opening to prevent it from being exposed. Depending on how long it takes for you to get your new oil cap, you may need to continue replacing the tape.

Can You Drive Without Oil Cap?

You should never drive your vehicle without an oil cap as this is exposing the oil reservoir. This directly impacts your engine as dust, debris, and other contaminants are able to make their way into the oil reservoir and to the engine.

This can be detrimental to your vehicle and can result in extremely costly repairs needing to be done. As the oil cap is there for a reason, as you do not want this opening to be exposed to the elements, when you are driving.

This is why it is so important to find an alternative instead of driving around without an oil cap.