FBO Meaning Car

If you are into modifying cars, you may have been wondering about FBO and what it stands for when it comes to modifying cars. This is a common question that people have, as there are many different ways to modify vehicles.


This is something that many people enjoy doing as a hobby if they are into automobiles. While other people purely want a specific kind of car and will modify what they have in order to get closer to that dream car.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons why someone may decide to modify their vehicle. Especially as this is usually going to be a much cheaper alternative to buying a custom-made vehicle.

Keep reading to find out more about FBO and what this means when it comes to customizing vehicles and whether or not it is a good idea.

What Does FBO Stand for in Cars

If you are interested in modifying your vehicle, you may have heard of FBO and wondered what it means. The FBO meaning stands for full bolt-on modifications for vehicles where different parts are bolted onto the vehicle itself to customize it.

This is a very common kind of vehicle modification that is simple as different parts are simply bolted onto the original vehicle. This is not a custom vehicle as it is not made with these parts, they are added onto it later.

This could include additions like cold air intakes, engine management systems, and many more options. These modifications are considered to be upgrades for the vehicle depending on what the owner specifically wants.

This allows the owner to adjust and customize their vehicle to suit their taste if they want specific additions or for the car to look a specific way. This is a more affordable option for most people that are getting a custom vehicle.

It is also a little less risky financially, as bolt-on parts can often be removed if you change your mind later on. Though it is important to keep in mind that there will most likely be some residual damage from this.

What Is Full Bolt-on

Now that you know what FBO means in the car world, you may be wondering what a full bolt-on means. This is different from an average FBO as this entails a complete upgrade to the vehicle instead of just adding on certain items.

A full bolt-on is when stock components of a vehicle have actually been removed to make room for the bolt-on. So the vehicle is being customized more thoroughly than it is when you simply bold on specific features you want.

This can cause some confusion as many people will say that they are vehicle is a full bolt-on a vehicle when in reality it isn’t. This term only applies to vehicles that have had a thorough upgrade with bolt-on features that actually replace stock components.

Simply adding bolted features to a vehicle is not going to create the same effect. As this is only going to be a customized car not a full bolt-on car.

Bolt-Ons Are Usually for Aesthetics

One reason why FBO customization for vehicles is often looked down upon is that many people believe it is there only for aesthetics. The reality is that because FPO customization is so easy, this is often done for appearances only.

Many people choose to add bolt-on features to their vehicle because they want to make them look a specific way. This will not actually end up increasing the value of the car as it is just bells and whistles.

Because of this, FBO has a bad reputation amongst some car modifiers as they do not consider it to be a true car modification. Especially as bolt-on’s can be removed later on if you change your mind.

Only when the car is a fold bolt-on is it considered to be really customized and upgraded. As this is much more than just bolting on certain features to make a car look more expensive.

How FBOs Affect Your Car

Now that you know a bit more about FBO and why people choose to add bolt-ons to their cars, you may be wondering how it affects your vehicle. This is important as, at the end of the day, you want your vehicle to still work correctly.

Everybody wants their vehicle to look nice and have a lot of features but at the end of the day, how it runs is the most important factor. As this is the whole reason for you having a vehicle, to begin with.

So it is important to also consider how these bolt-ons affect your vehicle as a whole. You should also keep in mind that this will differ depending on the type of vehicle you have and the model.

More Visually Appealing

Most people consider FPO cars to be more visually appealing as they have been customized to have aesthetically pleasing features. This may be done to make the vehicle look larger or more expensive, depending on the bolt-on you choose.

BoulTawns can be used to completely transform the appearance of a vehicle and make it resemble something else. Or give it an upgrade, so that it looks like a newer and more improved model.

This is how FPO is most commonly used, as it allows people to customize their vehicle visually in an affordable and easy way. As well as remove those bolted-on features if they later decided to.

Harder to Sell

Something to keep in mind when using FBO on your vehicle is that this can make your vehicle harder to sell. Because FBO has a bad reputation amongst some, many people will steer clear of these types of vehicles.

They are often not considered to be truly, customized vehicles, and people will not want to pay you what the vehicle is worth. Let alone pay you what your vehicle is worth plus the addition of the bolt on‘s that you paid for.

This is important to keep in mind as you may want to customize your vehicle before you sell it so that you can sell it for more money. But this may not actually pay off if you use FBO to do this.

Harder to Have Serviced

It is no secret that FBO vehicles can be more difficult to have serviced as these bolted-on features can make certain components of your vehicle inaccessible. This can result in the professionals having to remove the bolt-on futures themselves.

If this happens, you will most likely be charged more as this will take more time and manpower. That is why many people will remove the bolt on themselves before taking their car in to be repaired or serviced.

Heavier Weight

Something to keep in mind that many people forget about is the fact that a bolt-on is going to add weight to your vehicle. This may not seem important at first, but a lot of bolt-on’s can significantly way down your car.

Small vehicles specifically may struggle with a large amount of bolt-on as they have a smaller weight threshold. This can start to impact how your vehicle runs and can make it feel as though it is lagging or struggling to move at a good speed.

So you may need to go easy with FBO for your vehicle if you are working with a small car that can’t manage too much extra weight.