2022 Harley Davidson Colors

If you regularly follow the new releases from Harley Davison, you may be wondering about the 2022 Harley Davison colors.

As with most brands, Harley Davidson releases new color options each year with its new bikes.

This is something that motorcycle fans often follow religiously to see what is new and upcoming. Especially as many motorcycles tend to have restricted color options that make it hard to customize your dream motorcycle.

Harley Davidson is known for offering sleek and beautiful motorcycles with designs that are meant to wow. So it can really pay off to follow what is new in Harley Davison and what you can expect with each passing year

Keep reading to find out more about the 2022 Harley Davidson colors and what color options you can choose from this year.

Harley Davidson Colors for 2022

If you are a fan of Harley Davidson bikes, you may be wondering about the 2022 Harley Davison colors. As every year Harley Davison brings out new motorcycle options as well as some new glitzy color options to choose from.

This year is no different as Harley Davidson has offered some new and improved bike models with some impressive new colors. This is great news to Harley Davison fans who may be ready to invest in one of these special motorcycles.

One of the unique features of Harley Davidson bikes is that they come in a variety of modern and sleek color options. Allowing you to choose the motorcycle of your dreams in the color that you prefer the most.

2022 brought out some pretty impressive color options for Harley Davison bikes so that you can choose one with a new and fresh look. There are also different color combination options that you can choose from for a more custom appearance.

Fasttrack Blue

Fasttrack blue is a rich shade of navy that is just a bit less dark than what you would expect. This is a vibrant color that really elevates any motorcycle and gives it that unique look.

This color is often combined with a basic black or glossy black color to really highlight the blue.

White Sand Pear

White sand pearl is a bright and glossy color that is somewhere between white and cream. This is the perfect complementary color to a wide variety of other Harley Davison colors to include on your motorcycle.

This is often used as a pinstripe color to highlight other features of the motorcycle and to bring attention to the base color.

Mineral Green Metallic

The mineral green metallic color is a new addition to Harley Davison color options, giving you a great option. This is a rich army green color that has a beautiful metallic shimmer to it to really bring out the green hue.

This is not an army green but rather a rich and vibrant green that is easily noticeable on your motorcycle.

Midnight Crimson

Midnight Crimson is exactly the kind of color that you would expect it to be, a glossy and rich Crimson color. It is a dark red that is sure to stun any viewers as it really elevates the look of the overall motorcycle.

Especially when combined with silver or glossy black as a finish for the details of the motorcycle.

Glossy Black

Glossy black is a new detail color that is often used on some of the older Harley Davidson models that have received a makeover. This is a glossy black that is eye-catching and rich, perfect for drawing attention to those smaller details.

You will most frequently see glossy black used in pinstriping with other color combinations.

When Are New Models Released?

If you are interested in snagging one of the new 2022 Harley Davidson models, you need to know when they are released. Harley Davison typically releases its new models in January of each year, but this does change sometimes.

For instance, in 2022, Harley Davidson released the majority of its new models in January. Though it also released a new model in March and had plans to release another model in a different month of the year.

So you will need to keep track of Harley Davison news in order to find out exactly when each model is released. As Harley Davidson may release certain models at different times than it does the majority of its other new models.

Harley Davidson Offers Two-Tone Color Options

Aside from the new 2022 Harley Davidson colors that you have to choose from, Harley Davison also offers two-tone color options. This is where the body of the motorcycle will be one color, and the details will be another.

Harley Davison has also released a new two-tone color option for 2022. This is the fasttrack blue and white sand combination that makes a beautiful pairing for any model of motorcycle.

This is a great option if you want to highlight the details of your motorcycle and really draw attention to the beauty of it. This is also a great way to break it up so that it does not look bland or outdated.

Harley Davidson Also Has Pinstripe Options

Harley Davison also offers you the ability to choose pinstripe options for your motorcycle. This is where small details can be added to provide extra designs or interest to different aspects of your motorcycle.

A different color is used from the base color of your motorcycle so that these pinstripe designs can stand out and be visible. This is a great option if you want to add a logo or special design to your motorcycle or draw attention to a certain part of it.