Honda CR500 Top Speed

If you like to stay up-to-date with the latest dirt bikes, you may have heard about the Honda CR500 dirt bike.

As this is one of the latest additions to the Honda line of dirt bike options that it supplies for its customers.


Honda is best known for the highly reliable and beloved vehicle options that it regularly offers to its customers. But that is not all that Honda has to offer, as it also releases a new line of bike options each year.

Many of these bike options are motocross bikes or dirt bikes that you can use in a variety of ways. Making them the best options for bike lovers and riders who want access to some of the best new options on the market.

Keep reading to find out more about the Honda CR500 top speed and what you can expect from the specific bike.

Top Speed of a Honda CR500

If you enjoy riding dirt bikes, you may have heard about the Honda CR500 and how fast it really is. This is a Honda brand dirt bike that is known for its top speed, which further passes a lot of its competition achieving speeds around 93 mph.

One thing that is important for riders to understand is that the Honda CR500 may not go as fast for some people as it does for others. This is quite a complex dirt bike, and it will work better depending on who is handling it.

Because of this, you may not necessarily be able to achieve top speeds, depending on your skill level. As you will need to be able to handle this dirt bike expertly in order to work it up to those top speeds when riding it.

If you are looking for a dirtbike that has a great deal of power and speed, this is definitely a dirt bike that you should look into. There are many details that you will want to know about first, but it can be a great option.

The Honda CR500 Is Very Affordable

The Honda CR500 has not been around for very long, but it is already a very popular dirt bike option. This can mostly be attributed to the fact that it is highly affordable when you compare it to other similar options on the market.

This is because the Honda CR500 is typically priced at $2598. This price is extremely low for a dirt bike of this caliber as well as the strength that it is able to put out when you are writing it.

So unlike other dirtbike options, you are actually getting much more for the money that you are paying than you would with other options. As the majority of dirt bikes are around $5000 to $10,000, depending on what you are looking at.

This makes this dirtbike option a highly affordable alternative for those who want to purchase a dirt bike but cannot afford most of them. As it is just as strong and fast as the other option but for significantly lower.

In fact, this dirt bike is most likely much faster and more powerful than some more expensive options on the market. Allowing you to really get a great deal if you want to get a dirt bike but have a limited budget.

The Honda CR500 Is Not Ideal for Beginners

One thing to know about the Honda CR500 top speed is that it is going to be a very powerful dirt bike option. Though you may want a dirt bike that has those top speeds, it may not necessarily be ideal for a beginner

Many people who have bought this specific dirtbike have commented on how difficult it can be to handle. Making it a less ideal option for beginners who have not had much experience riding a dirtbike before.

Here are some things to consider before making an investment in a Honda CR500 dirt bike. As these are a few aspects of this bike that can make it quite difficult for beginners to ride and control.

Top Speed

Though most riders want to have those top speeds when purchasing a dirtbike, this isn’t always ideal for beginners. As the faster a dirt bike goes, the harder it can be to control when you are riding it.

This also means that the acceleration can be difficult to handle if you do not have much experience writing. So beginners should think long and hard before making this purchase as it is not extremely beginner friendly.

Heavier Build

The Honda CR500 is a dirt bike that has a slightly heavier build than other dirt bikes on the market. As the majority of dirt bikes are quite light and built with a delicate structure that makes them ideal for growing fast and being easy to handle.

Because this specific dirt bike is heavier, this can make it difficult to handle if you are not familiar with riding dirt bikes. As the heavier build is going to make it more stubborn when you are trying to navigate it.

Difficulty Handling

Many people have commented on how difficult this specific dirtbike can be to handle. As it requires a delicate and skilled touch in order for the rider to stay in control without being too aggressive with the bike.

If you are not careful with how you handle this bike, you could easily end up hurting yourself or damaging it in the process. As it is not extremely easy to handle and requires someone who knows a bit about dirt bikes already.