Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It

If you are going to be buying a Tesla, whether it be used or new, you may have heard about Tesla premium connectivity.

And if so, you may be wondering, is Tesla premium connectivity worth it?

This is a good question to ask, as with any additional features for a vehicle, a Tesla premium connectivity is going to cost more. Especially as there is already a standard connectivity that is offered at a lower price.

Because of this, you will want to do your research to figure out exactly what tesla premium connectivity means and has to offer. So that you can figure out whether or not this is going to be worth it for you and what you need.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Tesla premium connectivity is worth it and what exactly it has to offer.

How Worth It Is Tesla Premium Connectivity

Tesla premium connectivity is something that Tesla offers so that its vehicles can have features that require data. This includes options like using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, driving visualization, movie and music streaming, and so much more that you may find useful.

This is one of the key features that sets Tesla vehicles apart from other specialty vehicles. As you are able to access so many different types of features since you have the ability to use data with connectivity.

Many people are on the fence about whether or not Tesla premium connectivity is worth it or not. As some people say that it is worth it, well other say that the standard connectivity is just as good and useful.

Premium connectivity only includes two additional features that standard Tesla connectivity does not offer. Because of this, the majority of Tesla owners do not see the benefit and getting premium connectivity.

This is going to depend solely on what exactly you use when you are operating your tesla. As well as what you consider to be a necessity or a convenience and how much you are willing to pay for that.

As the majority of Tesla owners are perfectly happy using tesla standard connectivity instead of upgrading to the more expensive plan. That is why you should do your research beforehand to decide which plan is going to be better for you.

Tesla Premium Connectivity Vs Standard Connectivity

When Tesla first started to offer connectivity, it only had the standard connectivity option for Tesla owners. Over time as its connectivity became more advanced and required more data usage, Tesla decided to change things up a bit.

It did this by changing its standard connectivity to one of the lower options that Tesla owners could purchase. Offering a premium connectivity option that could also be taken advantage of for better options.

So you will have more features available to you if you use premium connectivity versus the standard connectivity. As the premium connectivity is more expensive and is going to offer you a bit more than the standard option.


The standard connectivity offers you the kind of data usage that you would expect to have access to in your Tesla. This includes options like Bluetooth, karaoke, streaming movies, music usage, and Internet searches.

These are just a few of the basic options that you get with standard connectivity when using Wi-Fi. The downside to standard connectivity is that you can only use the majority of these features if you have access to Wi-Fi.

If your vehicle goes outside of the range of Wi-Fi, you will lose these features and will not be able to use them until Wi-Fi is back. This is the main complaint amongst Tesla owners, as this can be very inconvenient depending on where you are going.

Without Wi-Fi, standard connectivity really only provides navigation and OVA updates.


When you purchase the premium connectivity from Tesla, you can access a wider variety of useful features. This includes options like real-time traffic updates, Video and music streaming, internet browsing, and satellite view maps.

Premium connectivity also allows Tesla owners to access these features through AT&T connections instead of just Wi-Fi. So when you pay for premium connectivity, you are mostly paying for easier usage.

As you are able to use these features without necessarily having a connection with Wi-Fi, which can be sketchy. This allows you to get more for your money when you use premium connectivity, as you will have access to it the majority of the time you are driving.

Cost of Tesla Premium Connectivity

Now that you know more about Tesla premium connectivity, you may be wondering how much money this costs. The good news for Tesla owners is that the price of premium connectivity is not necessarily a huge cost.

Tesla charges $9.99 each month for this connectivity, though this may be a bit more depending on the taxes in your area. This gives you all of the benefits of premium connectivity that you can take advantage of every month.

Tesla has also made it extremely easy to start your premium connectivity plan by going on the Tesla app. It is just like buying anything else from Tesla or starting any other plan and can be completed within a few minutes.

Tesla also offers an annual option, which allows you to purchase a year’s worth of premium connectivity for $99. This does not save you a huge amount of money, but it will save you a small amount over the course of the year.

This is a great option for anyone who knows that they want to be able to utilize premium connectivity. This really comes in handy as Tesla does not have any kind of discount on its premium connectivity as of right now.

Tesla also has a free trial for premium connectivity for those who are not sure they want to commit to this plan. The type of free trial you have access to is going to depend on the Tesla model that you own.

You Can Cancel Tesla Premium Connectivity

Now that you know how to get started with premium connectivity, you may be wondering if you can cancel it. This is an important question to ask as there are some types of plans they don’t allow you to cancel them once they are started.

The good thing about the Tesla premium connectivity plan is that this is something you can cancel at any time. The only time when you cannot cancel this, is if you have bought the annual plan and have already paid the $99 for that year.

Otherwise, you should be able to cancel your plan by going into the Tesla app and choosing to cancel future payments. Keep in mind that you will not be refunded if you cancel in the middle of the month and have already paid the $9.99.