Static Vs Bagged

If you have heard the term static vs bagged when it comes to the stance of a vehicle, you may be wondering what these terms mean. Especially if you are not necessarily familiar with vehicle designs and makes.

statis or bagged

These are terms that some people may not immediately recognize if they are not necessarily interested in vehicles. But it can come in handy to understand the differences between static and bagged vehicles.

Especially if you have certain purposes for your vehicle that you need it to be able to accomplish safely. As the stance of your vehicle is going to directly dictate what it is able to handle and how you can use it.

Keep reading to find out more about static vs bagged and what makes these two stances different from each other.

Choosing Between Static Vs Bagged

If you are trying to decide on the stance of your car, you have most likely heard the terms static and bagged refer to when it comes to stance. These are two different kinds of stances for a vehicle that change just how low the vehicle is to the ground.

The stance of your vehicle matters for several reasons, as this is going to impact how it drives and feels. This is why this is very important to a variety of drivers, as this can impact how they can use their vehicles.

For instance, an off-road vehicle is going to have a very different stance than an average vehicle is going to have. An off-road vehicle is going to have a higher stance that allows it to drive over rocky terrain without damaging the bottom of the vehicle.

While the average vehicle does not need to have a very high stance as it is going to be driving over smooth surfaces. This is an easy way to understand what the stance of your vehicle is and just why it is so important.

This often impacts people’s decisions when they are buying a vehicle, but you can also adjust the stance of a vehicle. So the majority of vehicles can have a static or bagged stance depending on the make and model.


A static stance vehicle is a vehicle that has had its stance lowered for a lower or low-riding vehicle. It cannot be readjusted, which makes it a static stance.

The only way you can adjust the stance of a static stance vehicle is by lifting or lowering it. This is not easy and can take more time as well as more help if you want to readjust the stance of your vehicle.

To create a static stance, you have to use coil overs, which are going to be more expensive than the air suspension used for bagged vehicles. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a cheaper and easier alternative.


Bagged stance vehicles have their height adjusted with air suspension for easy lowering or height adjusting. This is very different from static stance vehicles, as you do not have to manually lift or lower the vehicle to adjust the stance again.

You can readjust the stance of your vehicle by flipping a switch or pressing a button, which will automatically lift or lower the vehicle. This is much more convenient and realistic for the majority of people who may need or want to adjust the stance of their vehicle more than once.

Why Use a Static Or Bagged Stance

Now that you know what static and bagged mean when it comes to the stands of your vehicle, you may be wondering why they are used. After all, it seems like it is more work than it is worth to adjust the stance of a vehicle.

For the most part, the majority of vehicle owners tend to adjust the stance purely for the look of it. Someone may make their vehicle’s stance much higher than it normally is to make it look larger and like an off-road vehicle.

While someone may do the opposite, lowering their vehicle, so that it looks more like a race car. Though the best reason to address the stance of your vehicle is, depending on how you plan on using it.

Static stance is often used for cars that are only used on flat surfaces, such as basic roads. While a bagged stance vehicle can be used normally or for off-road activities as well as the height is more easily adjusted.

So you should look into both options to figure out if you need to use a static or bagged stance on your vehicle at all. As this is not going to be ideal for every vehicle or for the reason that you want to adjust the height of your vehicle.